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Ever had the notion that your customer is not listening to you during your sales pitch? Are you using all the right arguments and still no sale?

It´s much more common than you think. Any good salesperson is passionate about their product. If he/she is convinced of how good it…

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As a training manager for the past 12 years, I´ve seen how the online platform's role in training has increased and how the current pandemic accelerated its adoption.

Just today speaking with a colleague he was telling me how a scheduled meeting that was supposed to last 30 minutes online…

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Nowadays it´s recognized that team leaders lead using influence and not authority only. And this fact remains true because most of the time people you work with have the necessary skills to do their job.

In an ideal world as a manager you would be mostly focused on keeping everybody…

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Definitely not.

However, traditional management is. The reason is simple, people don´t expect someone to tell them how to do their job. They want to be held accountable for it and at the same time be developed to continue growing.

As a manager, your main goal still is territory management

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In the previous article, I wrote about how preparation is key for a good impression, but that´s just half of it.

The other 50% is the way you look and the way you communicate.

There are a lot of articles on what to wear for a business meeting. From completely…

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Everybody knows this phrase and probably considers it common sense.

During a sales call it also matters a lot. However, it’s much more complex.

Let me explain: you can use the right suit, the right tone of voice, the right expression on your face, and still, make a terrible first…

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Being a father of two beautiful girls and also being a sales rep trainer for the past 10 years, I often asked myself this same question.

After having many “coaching sessions” (about values and skills), ultimately you have to let your kids keep learning and making their own mistakes when…

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I´ve been a sales trainer for the last 10 years and been involved in specialized sales (big Pharma) for the past 20.

Specialized sales is probably one of the most challenging: is not driven by any sense of urgency (no last minute offer). In fact most of our competitors promote…

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